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Save the Date: Artist-in-Residence weekend with Rabbi Josh Warshawsky, June 2-4. Details and tickets for Friday night dinner here. Details and tickets for Sunday afternoon concert here.
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Rimon Religious School 








In Jewish tradition, the pomegranate (rimon in Hebrew) is a symbol of goodness and future plenty. It is said to contain 613 seeds, corresponding to the 613 mitzvot in the Torah. That openness to blessings and abundance inspires Rimon, Congregation Beth Israel's religious school, open to families with children age 5-14 throughout Central Massachusetts.

We seek to bring Jewish learning alive with a hands-on, discovery-oriented experience that centers on the child, engages the family, and treasures the community. Our vision is for children to question, learn and grow, creating a vibrant Jewish identity and future, arising from the love and knowledge of our rituals, history and tradition. Rimon is led by Director of Learning and Engagement Dale Rosenberg.

Children in the Rimon community study in multi-age groupings, offering opportunities for older students to be leaders and younger ones to look up to them and learn from them.  They actively engage in learning Jewish values and principles and enhance their pride in their Jewish heritage.  Learning to read Hebrew prepares them not only for synagogue life but provides the benefits of exposure to more than one language.

Our BI community prioritizes the Jewish value of פיקוח נפש pikuach nefesh – concern for the preservation of each human life – over all other considerations. Respecting public health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, we consult with our Medical Advisory Group on all matters related COVID and education.

Although our circumstances have been different during the pandemic and we may face more challenges, our objectives remain the same:

  1. Inspire students to learn about their Jewish heritage and take pride in being Jewish.
  2. Develop comfort with synagogue practice and with Jewish text and practice.
  3. Engage students in Hebrew learning and cultivate the capacity and desire to learn Torah.
  4. Foster a connection to Jewish tradition throughout history and to the modern State of Israel.
  5. Assist students to engage in the world guided by Jewish values like justice and hospitality and kindness.
  6. Create a Jewish environment supportive of each student’s learning style.
  7. Develop a learning community where all support one another in going from strength to strength.


For more information or to find out how your family can be part of Rimon, please contact Director of Learning and Engagement Dale Rosenberg at

Rimon is generously supported by the Darvish Family Fund.


Non-Discrimination Statement:  Rimon Religious School is an inclusive and welcoming community learning environment. We encourage enrollment from all families who seek a connection to Jewish life and want their children to learn and grow, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender, family structure, sexual orientation, and gender identity. We are committed to providing an open learning community, one that welcomes all people, including those who have been historically marginalized or excluded from the Jewish community.
Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783