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BI Donation Funds

100th Anniversary Fund
Supporting anniversary programming

Norman & Marianne Baker Fund
Building improvements

BING - Beth Israel New Generation
Young professional social and religious group

BI Senior Outreach Network

Joseph Cohen Memorial Fund
To beautify the shul and synagogue entrance

Nathan & Paula Cohen Fund
For youth scholarships to Camp Ramah, Yavneh, USY on Wheels, et al

Samuel & Bessie Cooper Scholarship Fund
For BI members 18 and older to attend college in Israel

Darvish Family Fund
For financial assistance and scholarships to Hebrew School students

General Endowment Fund
Grow our Endowment for our 100th Anniversary

Milton Evanstein Scholarship Fund
For scholarships to Camp Ramah or Camp Yavneh

Nathan Feingold Scholarship Fund
Scholarships for charitable, religious, scientific, literary, or education

Sam Frank Torah/Ritual Fund
To purchase daily ritual items

Ann Freedman Scholarship Fund
To defray expenses of students entering college

General Operations Fund
For synagogue operations

Selig & Lillian Glick Scholarship Fund
For scholarships for Camp Ramah

Sidney Glick Scholarship Fund
For Jewish camp scholarships

Abraham & Eva Goldman Memorial Youth Leadership Program
To encourage BI youth to become active participants and leaders in the synagogue and Jewish community

Rabbi & Riva Goldstein Scholarship & JFL Scholarship Fund
To help students study in Israel & Summer Camp

Edward Gordon Camp Ramah Fund
Scholarships for BI students to attend Camp Ramah

Rhoda Gurevich Jewish Education Fund
For Hebrew school scholarship or Hillel

Sarah Haberman Fund
For audio equipment for people with hearing impairments

Halsband/Hurwitz Fund
For music resources for the library

Benjamin Harris Music Fund
For synagogue programming

Holocaust Memorial Fund
For Holocaust programming

Kiddush Fund
For weekly Shabbat Kiddush

Koocher Music Fund
Seed money for musical programs

Louis & Ann Kulin Fund
For maintenance of Kulin Chapel or emergency maintenance for the synagogue

Kulin Rabbinical Fund
To provide teaching & lectures by visiting scholars at BI

Library Fund
To support the BI Library

Mah Jongg Fund
To support the Mah Jongg Club

Bessie & Meyer Mintz Fund
Scholarships for USYers

Minyan Fund
To be used with approval of the daily Minyan  

Prayer Book Fund
To purchase copies of the Lev Shalem siddur ($36)

President's Fund
For programs and items that directly affect the synagogue

Edith & Barney Pulda Fund
For pre-college or college student scholarships for courses and book

Mary & Lou Pulda Israel Fund
Scholarships for study in Israel and Israel pilgrimage

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
For assistance to individuals and to support programs at BI and in the community

Rimon Religious School Fund
To support the Rimon Religious School

Murray Rotman Fund
To support programming for BI

Hal Rudnick Fund
For educational resources for children and adult education

Jacob Sacks Fund
To maintain yahrzeit plaques in sanctuary

Janet Schoem Camp Ramah Fund
For BI students to attend Camp Ramah

Shoresh Babysitting Fund
Fo childcare of toddlers during Shabbat morning and holiday services

Shul Shuttle Fund
For taxis for individuals in need of transportation to attend services

Louis Shulinski Fund
Scholarships for Jewish education at college level

Mollie Steinberg & Vivian Sigel Kiddush Fund
To sponsor a monthly Shabbat kiddush

Social Action/Small Change Fund
For social action projects and to help families in need

Srieberg, Isabell & Morty Fund
For Rimon tuition and expenses

Tree Fund
To assist in buying new trees for BI

Tree of Life
To celebrate a simchah by adding leaf to Tree of Life ($136 per leaf)

USY Fund
To support USY activities

Technology Fund
To support technology for multi-access services

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