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Ritual and Infrastructure Changes

We have responded to the danger posed by COVID-19 by making the following changes:


  • Plexiglass surrounds installed on both lecterns on the sanctuary bimah
  • Installed cameras, hardware, and software to enable streaming from the sanctuary
  • Added signage to support social distancing requirements
  • Set up "pods" of chairs in the sanctuary at a safe distance from each other
  • Hand sanitizer and extra masks readily available
  • Water fountains disabled
  • Only the large bathrooms are available for use
  • Extensive cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place

Participant Changes, both in-building and outdoor events:

  • Registration for in-building services and events required
  • Medical questionnaire and temperature checks required prior to entry
  • Seating in designated chair pods only
  • Masks required at all times for both leaders and congregants; please bring your own
  • Congregant singing shall be soft to limit aerosol transmission
  • Please follow marked entry and exit routes
  • No kiddush until further notice
  • Participants are urged to leave the building as soon as the service/event completes, and maintaining social distancing at all times

Ritual Changes:

  • Ritual items (tallit, kippah, tefillin) must be brought with you
  • Siddurim at the chairs may be used (this will change if services are held frequently)
  • For all Torah services:
    • The torah(s) will be carried directly from the ark to the reading table
    • No touching or kissing the Torah will be permitted, except by the reader
    • Aliyah blessings will be recited from the congregant's seat
    • Gabbaim will be in their seats
    • Aliyot will be combined where possible to reduce the number of separate readers
Wed, January 27 2021 14 Shevat 5781