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The decision to join Beth Israel is as unique as each of our members. Here's one congregant's story that expresses what many of us feel about our "home away from home":

I could say that Beth Israel feels like home to me because my family have been members for generations and because I have been a member there since before I was born. But that would be a lie.

It's because of my children. It's because THEY feel so at home there. Especially my son. When he was little, he was painfully shy and found it terribly difficult to be among large groups of people. Just getting him to school every day was a struggle. But he always felt comfortable at the BI. Other than his own home, the BI was the one place on Earth where he felt most relaxed, most at ease, and most able to just be himself. Because of that the BI truly became our second home, and we would not trade it for anywhere else.

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