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Security - High Holy Days 5784


A Message from the BI Security Team in advance of the Days of Awe:

As we approach the joyous and sacred High Holidays, we would like to share some important updates and preparations for this special time of year, we want to ensure that our congregation gathers in an environment that prioritizes safety and security. The well-being of our community is of utmost importance and we are dedicated to ensuring a safe and meaningful experience for all our congregants and guests. Here's what you need to know:

1. Enhanced Security Measures: First to be clear there is no known threat or rise in risk threat reporting. These updates are part of our safety measures and protocols which we regularly review especially in conjunction with our calendar cycle events. In collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and security experts, we have reviewed and strengthened our security protocols. There will be an increased security presence during all High Holiday services, including uniformed personnel and security personnel equipped to respond swiftly to any potential concerns.

2. Entrance Update: This year, for security and safety reasons, we continue to maintain our risk reducing entrance procedures. There will be no entry through the front doors of the synagogue. Instead, we kindly ask all attendees to enter and check in through the chapel entrance in the rear of the building. We understand this may be less than comfortable and convenient. We believe this adjustment, however, contributes to a more secure and smooth flow of traffic during this busy season. We will allow exit through the front doors, but no re-entry.

2. Parking and Handicapped Parking: To better accommodate all members of our community, we have arranged for additional handicapped parking spaces near the chapel entrance. Please respect these spaces and ensure they are available for those who truly need them. We understand that as parking fills in the chapel lot, it will mean that congregants and guests will be parking in the east and north lots (by Notre Dame) and the west lot (behind Summit Academy) - we thank you in advance for making the long walk to the chapel door.

3. Security Team Training: Your safety is our priority. We have organized two important training sessions for our dedicated volunteer security team to ensure a secure environment during the High Holidays - to which all are invited they would like. The training will cover essential topics such as run, hide, fight strategies and techniques for handling potential threats. It will also focus on how to welcome guests, assess threat levels and effectively de-escalate any tense situations. These sessions will take place on Thursday, August 17th at 7:30pm and Sunday, August 20th at 9:00am. Your commitment to the safety of our congregation is deeply appreciated.

4. Congregation Emergency Response Training: Preparedness extends to our entire congregation. We encourage all members to participate in an emergency response training session on Saturday, August 26th, following shabbat service and Adon Olam. This training will provide valuable information on how to respond to different emergency scenarios and ensure the well-being of everyone in our community. This training is critical in order to help all understand steps to take in the unlikely event of an emergency. Whether you are able to attend or not please make sure to familiarize yourself with the exits and evacuation routes within the synagogue. Our ushers and security personnel will be available to assist you with any questions.

5. Reporting Suspicious Activity: As always if you see something, say something. If you notice any suspicious activity or behavior during the High Holiday services or at anytime, please do not hesitate to notify a member of our security team or a synagogue staff member. Your vigilance and cooperation play a vital role in maintaining a secure environment for all.

6. COVID Protocols Please review the postings from the Health Advisory committee. The team is staying abreast of the latest data in developing procedures for keeping us healthy and safe as well, while accommodating our practices for worship and coming together as a community.

We understand that these measures might cause some inconvenience, but your safety is our top priority. As we come together to observe the High Holidays, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to create a secure and meaningful environment for all worshippers during this important time of year. Amidst these challenging times by staying informed, respecting our protocols, and working together we demonstrate our commitment to each other's well-being.

May the upcoming High Holidays be a time of reflection, renewal, and unity for us all. We look forward to joining in worship and celebration with you.

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful New Year.

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu,
The Safety and Security Committee

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to Denise Forbes, Marc Cohen or Dan Shertzer

Sat, September 30 2023 15 Tishrei 5784