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About Us

We like to say that Beth Israel feels like family. And we mean it. Here you’ll find members whose parents founded our congregation, as well as newcomers to Central Massachusetts, and everyone in-between. Some of us are related, and many of us aren’t. But we’re bound together by our shared commitment to Conservative Judaism and each other.

This is a religious community that cares—if you have a simcha to share, if you’re sick, if you experience a loss, if you’re new to Worcester and looking for a place to find fellow Jews, or if you just need to talk. Like any family, sometimes we have our differences, too. But we work them out and make up, because what matters most is being here for each other as a Jewish community, to pray, to learn, to build a better world.

Mission Statement

Congregation Beth Israel is a warm, welcoming egalitarian community affiliated with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.  Our synagogue focuses on Jewish core values: studying Torah, joining in communal prayer, and engaging in acts of loving kindness.  We encourage life long learning and seek to strengthen our connection to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel.


Mon, February 24 2020 29 Shevat 5780